A Magical Simple Saturday: Water, Water, Where'd You Go?

Ready whip up some magic? To make Merlin proud? I am.

Nobody saw you getting the supplies, did they? The magazine, the Ziplock bag, a stapler, and a glass of water? Whew. That was close.

I opted for a measuring cup of water...easier to pour. And I have asked my dear friend Martha Stewart to be my assistant today. I thought the cover picture of her pouring water suits our venture perfectly, don't you?

So, in typical Simple Saturday style, all we are doing to make this trick is concealing the Ziplock inside the magazine. That's it! Simple, right? Las Vegas, here we come!!!!

Find the middle of the magazine. Open wide. Fit the Ziplock inside. In order to fit mine in nicely, I had to staple a little tuck on one side of the bag. You may need to do the same thing. Also, you might need to tuck the bottom of the bag up a little so that it can't be seen from the bottom edge of the magazine. 

Now secure the Ziplock to the inside of the magazine by stapling all around the top edge of the bag. We're making a plastic pocket inside the magazine, aren't we? Tuck the bottom of the Ziplock up to fit inside the pocket. Avoid stapling the bottom of the bag to the magazine. (Dribble. Dribble.)

Look at my final product. My sneakiness is concealed. I'm now ready to make a little "magic." Remember, my Simple Saturday friend, we mustn't tell a soul how we have made this trick. We want our audience to be spellbound...mermerized...bamboozled!

For demonstration purposes I have asked my hubby John to perform the trick for us. (I can't keep any secrets from him.) Watch what he does. This is how you will perform our trick. Be confident, now. Begin your performance by saying something like, Ladies and Gentleman! Today I shall astound you! Confound you! And so on...You know the magician lingo, right?

In this picture John is explaining that in his hands he holds an average everyday magazine. Nothing special here. (Heh, heh...we know differently, don't we?)

At this point you might like to wave your hand around the magazine while chanting your magic word a few times. We want our audience to think that the magic word has changed the Martha's magazine, not us.

Next, sneaky John forms an opening in the top of the Ziplock and then pours the water into the "magazine". See how dramatic (or silly) he is? You have to do the same thing. Convince your audience! We want them to be concerned that you'll spill that water all over Mom's kitchen floor. Yikes!!!

In this picture, John is proving his magical skills. He is faking a test, further baffling the audience. They're thinking, "How did he do that? Amazing...Water, water, where did you go?"

We know where it went...don't we? There's no real Hocus Pocus, right? But remember the Simple Saturday Magician's Code of Honor? We pinky swore yesterday...shhh.