Simple Saturday: Ocean in a Bottle

Yo ho, matie! All hands on deck! Do you have the supplies? The clear plastic bottle, the oil, the blue food coloring, and some water? All right then, you scrubbie. Let's sail!

Oil in bottle.Pour the oil in the bottle.

Water, oil, and food coloring in bottle.Pour the water in the bottle. Add about 15 drops of food coloring. Screw the cap on the bottle tight, tight, TIGHT!

Oil and water separates.Shake the bottle. Mix the ingredients all up.

Let it sit for a bit. Have you ever heard the saying, "Oil and water don't mix?" Well, they don't and this project proves it. Notice how the food coloring has blended in with the water? Watch the color change from stormy green to clear blue, just like the sea!        

Wave action.Now let's make some waves! Hold the bottle sideways and gently rock it side to side, side to side, side to side...side to side.....side to side.....

Oooo...erp....where did I put that sea-sick bag?