Simple Saturday Prep: A study of autumn leaves

I love this time of year, when the leaves change from a deep green color to gold or red or vivid yellow. Have you ever wondered how this happens, how leaves change color? Tomorrow why don't we do a simple little experiment to see how this phenomena takes place.

The supplies you will need will be a small bowl, a spoon, a white coffee filter, rubbing alcohol, and a green leaf. Now, where I live in Round Rock, Texas there are 'slim-pickins' for big, broad leaves that change into vivid colors. (I live in a new housing development where the trees in our yards are similar to the one Charlie Brown chose for his Christmas tree...skinny.) If you can find some nice maple leaves or Bradford Pear leaves that'd be good. If you can't that's okay. We'll make it work.

Gather up some leaves and I'll see you tomorrow!