Simple Saturday Prep: Something Beneficial for Little Goblins

Nothing in this milk-chocolatey-wonderful world is more endearing than to observe tiny hands at work. Those busy little dimpled knuckles, chubby mini fingers...delicate, yet so purposeful in their discovery. Scenes like this stop me in my tracks. I deeply admire a wee one's deliberate focus as they hone their dexterity. Plus, they're so darned cute!

Saturday we will be developing the strength of those tenacious fingers, lengthening that concentration span, and spark a little bit of independence. The simple activity is designed for children from say...three years old and up. You're going to need a couple of styrofoam meat trays, yarn, scissors, and a tapestry needle.

Now I scavengered my needle out my knitting bag (I'm the worst knitter that ever walked this planet. Yet I keep at it. A glutton for punishment, I guess). You can pick up some plastic ones at a craft store, if you'd like. Just remember to keep it simple, cheap, and FUN!

See you tomorrow.