Thanks for stopping by my website - a place dedicated to the enjoyment of Simple Saturday weekend crafts, activities, games and zany family fun! I'm Debbie Gonzales, a lover of children, books, writing, and education. I am an author/educator who cares deeply for kids and their connection to reading and writing.

I've been a teacher, a school administrator, an educational consultant, a curriculum designer, a former adjunct professor, and a writing workshop instructor with an amazing Austin organization called Badgerdog Literary Publishing. I've even taught PBS's Barney kids in a one-room off-set Montessori classroom. I've earned my MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Currently, I create educational guides for publishers, authors, and educators through a service I call Guides by deb. I'm also a proud contributor of ReaderKidZ, a website committed to fostering a love of reading for kids ages K-5. 

New Zealand's Giltedge Publishing has published several of my early-readers. I've also worked as a curriculum coordinator for Giltedge correlating their amazing products with American academic standards.

I'm proud to be represented by Melissa Nasson of Rubin Pfeffer Content and to announce that my non-fiction picture book PLAYING LIKE A GIRL, about courageous female athletes throughout history and the groundbreaking passage of Title IX, will be published by Charlesbridge Publishing in 2018.


"I felt like she had looked into my soul and determined the true theme behind my ideas, a theme I wasn't even aware existed. I highly recommend Debbie's work to every author I know."
 P. J. Hoover: Author

I create Discussion and Activity Guides for children's books. My over 35 years in the classroom has given me the experience to know just what an educator needs in a guide...engaging, lively, entertaining, solid content connecting the child with the spirit of the book while meeting the academic rigors of teaching in today's educational system.

Good guides keep your books prominent in the teacher's mind and alive in the young reader's heart.

I've earned my MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults. At the University of Texas at Dallas my studies centered around educational techniques and strategies designed to teach special needs students. Professionally, I have spent the majority of my teaching career practicing the Montessori Method of instruction, which incorporates sensory, cross-curricular, manipulative learning experiences.  As an educational consultant I designed countless lessons for students of all ages, correlating each with state academic standards.

In short, I know how to assure that your book will connect with kids and the classroom while having a good time doing so!

Round Rock, Texas was once my home, just 20 miles north of Austin. Now I hang my hat in magical Ann Arbor, Michigan where I live with my two favorite dogs, beloved husband John and three-legged chocolate Lab, Tripod.