Oftentimes Guides by Deb clients have needs that go beyond crafting educational guides. Listed below are just a few of the types of specialized projects offered which require individualized, one-on-one consultation.

School Visit Programming Guide


Standards-aligned, this service is perfect for the author/illustrator who wants to make their mark in the classroom scene.

Align School Visit Presentation with Academic Standards


Will align current presentations with academic standards, even add a few project-based bells and whistles, too!

Align Pre-Published Manuscripts with Academic Standards


Oftentimes editors request validation regarding how the pre-published manuscript will fit in the academic market.

Reading Level Assessment


A service editors have requested to validate reading level of pre-published manuscripts.

Workshop Leader


Present hands-on, project-based workshops explaining the ins and  outs of academic standards. Participants leave the program with a personally created activity based on their own works-in-progress.

Public Speaker


Inspire and instruct authors and illustrators in the understanding of academic standards and how they can make them work for their own benefit.

Small Group Project Coordinator

Gather a small group together for a full-day workshop of guide-creating fun!

"I am always amazed and delighted with the imaginative, fun, varied, and—most importantly—easy-to-follow activities
[Deb] dreams up! "
Kelly Bennett: Author


For more detailed information about these services click HERE to download a .pdf brochure